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Sunday, June 03, 2007

End of the wait finally, after 12 loooong years....

Imagine a guy, a young chap of 23 outsourced to planet Mars, walking in the red-sand hot deserts, looking for some serious change (vacation on another planet??) and to quench his thirst, in urgent need of water (why don't you get Coke/Pepsi there I think!?!? I always see a business opportunity in adversity - signs of a bijnej!? :)) You get the picture?? (Ok now don't start looking @ all the pictures around you and in your neighbor’s houses). That is how I was feeling bcoz, holidays (some "cool Rajasthani" holidays) for me were as far as the distance between earth and mars, and were something that I desired as if to quench that deep thirst.

So when I finally flew (over the clouds literally in my flight) to Rajasthan after breaking the 12 long years of vacation-less vanvaas (exile) last year, it was some fun to say the least. And to top it up, went again this year too, after a year of PGSEM, which had made me forget that there were something called Saturdays and sundays in the calendar. Truly yes, they never exist in a PGSEMer's life, until you find a blissful break like this for 1.5 months after the completion of first year :)

Well, coming back to Rajasthan, "memories" is the word, for my association with that place. For every Marwari (that’s the native language of the place and hence is something that the Rajasthani’s are also better known as) settled outside Rajasthan, it a custom to visit the Sun-God’s own country (that is the only reason I can think of for its HOTness in summer!) at least once every year, ideally during the summer vacation of the bachcha-party (kids). So it was during my school days until the 6th standard that I got to enjoy this cherished vacation every year.

The joy of meeting - my maternal granma, uncles and aunts, all my dear elder sisters and of course the young brigade - was something special. Remember those days when we’d sleep on the terrace chatting and whiling away the time playing well past midnight, wake up in the morning as sandy-demons due to the sand-storms that would strike unusually in the early mornings, and wake-up to some pleasant aroma coming from the kitchen and watching granma do her artful task of “billaahno” (really an art I would say, a laborious process wherein she used to generate ghee and butter-milk by swirling a big wooden rod back-and-forth, in a wooden pot full of milk that she used to get from our pet cows @ home).

And on every 2 days of the week when she did billaahno, there would be people coming in from the locality to get that butter-milk, and we would stand there watching her generously pour the content in to their vessels. And as kids when we used to query her on this, she would say in her caring style that what better dharma or punya than to help people quench their thirst and use this butter-milk for their cooking needs in this sweltering heat. And she does this till date even when she is in her high 70’s, wow I really admire her strength, both physical and moral. You are so dear to me granny :)

Both my uncle are in to jewellery business (Being goldsmiths, we manufacture and sell gold ornaments), and part of the after-noon would be spent in me watching and admiring the process of that coming-to-life of those beautifully glittering rings, necklaces or bangles which would “significantly increase” the beauty of the other beauties – the ladies :)

Also flashing across the mind are those memories when in the evenings, we would wait in the big verandah – our playing area @ the entrance of our home waiting for that ice-cream wala (vendor) who would sell those milk-made kulfis for 25 paise; wow, how tasty they would be (would trade the baskin-n-robbins anytime for them), we - the bachcha party - would just sit back and relish them. Wonder what inflation can do, a little bulkier versions of the same were available this time round (after 12 years) in range of 5 and 10 rupees!

In a town spawning over a diameter of mere 10 kms, one could “walk” up and down to one end of it any day. So I would enjoy such trips walking (or sometimes cycling) across the town through those narrow lanes into the busy market lined up with shops that served the varied interests of diverse set of people – for instance the garments shops for my dearest sisters, those fruit juices shops for me and my cousin brother and not to forget those Paan shops for my younger Uncle. Oh he would relish them and could treat himself to about 10 such biggie paans per day. And his was a personalized version that was so popular across all the paan shops in town by his name such that anybody of the kids from home could be ordered to collect one from the paan wala uncle while coming back from the market.

Though these paans are available in any typical north-indian weddings out here @ Chennai too, I don’t remember treating myself to them, but have had them like crazy (which for me is even 2 per day) in my life whenever I am around with my younger uncle in Rajasthan :) And one does not need a detective’s license to find out if one has had a paan, for your lips, tongue and everything remotely connected to your mouth would be colored dark red after having a paan :)

In the evenings, along with most of my family members I would visit the famous latiyaal ma’s mandir (Latiyaal Goddess’ temple). A divine feeling it is to be there – the tale has it that the Goddess was crossing the hot deserts through this part eons of years back, thirsty and tired, when her chariot hit a trough and @ that particular point, with her divine power when she blessed the place with lots of flora and fruits, there sprouted a tree, today whose roots are believed to be spread across the entire town – thus came the name of the town “Phalodi” - full of Phal (fruits).

So this was one part of the Rajasthan trip – about the visit to my maternal native place, Phalodi. Equally fascinating is the other town, my paternal home town in Rajasthan called “Merta City” – would pen down my memories about it some other time.

On a signing-off note, though its been 12 years – a long time – the small town has grown and transformed in to a big junction, but the one thing I noticed did not change about such a town with a population of few thousands is that every other (I would say about 60%) passer-by recognizes you easily and stops by to have a small chat and so when we city-bred youngsters walk along we cannot go unnoticed out there. Resounding contrast to the hectic and fast-paced life that we experience and live ourselves out here in our so called “developed and modern” cities where people don’t have time even for their near and dear ones and where that bank-balance of love in the bank of heart is dwindling away… it hurts!

So, though a long wait, it was worth the wait, for all the love that I could garner out there in that wonderful place on the map of earth, called “Rajasthan” - Waiting to come back to you again next year! :)

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Awakening....

Oooooooouuuuwwwwwwwwwhhhhaaaaa (a nice N sleepy Yaaaawn - a real big one @ that)...OMG its morning and the brighteningly glowing Sun Deity is out in his pristine avataar - as if asking me where've thou been munna??

And I scratching the back of my head, anticipating an 'award-winning-celebration' & wondering - Have I just broken the Guiness Book of World Records held by Kumbhakarna for the longest duration of sleep?? Yeah that is how I feel waking up once again, after a pretty-short hiatus by my standards, to my once and even-more-so-today beautiful world of Blogosphere!! :)

Itz been some 21,772,800.435 secs approximately - if I were to trust my Win-XP Calci and more so if I were to trust my Primary Math teacher for watever addition/subtraction/multiplication I can do in my PGSEM classes today - since I Orphaned this so-called-colorful by some, brain-child of mine and went away on a trip to la-la-la land with my best-pal till I Woke up but a fierce-competitior now (Yeah..U guessed it right - yo yo itz him Kumbhie once again). U ask what have I been up to all these astronomically and exponentially mind- boggling seconds away from this place...well here is the short N sweet it yourself & of course @ your own risk:

  • At la-la-la land, everything was so unlike our planet earth - people were so gentle & genial - while we (Kumbhie & I) were the only Giants (and in the truly giant sense of the word)...coz the populace there was all those a-la-Gulliver travels-Liliput Island type dumpy-dwarfs.
  • Those chappies enjoyed their sports so much that it was such a fun playing those cricket matches with them...I mean when I bowled, my deliveries were like a 5678KW thunder-bolt, or in short 5000 Brett Lee's, 4500 Shoaib Akhtar's and 5500 Shane Bond's put-together for the la-la-la teams' players. But as you know, I always believe in competition-of-the-equals so
    Kumbhie and I decided to split teams and played against each other... On the batting front, I just enjoyed hitting those huge and monstruos biggies...sixers U say...well I'll call them a century each..for I juz used to hit them out of their planet!! (Did somebody say 'Team India - Guru Greg listening'??) :)

  • Now how the hell do you think they'd managed all those cricket balls U ask if I used to hit each of them out of their planet...this is where their LIM school (Lalala Institute of Management) played a vital role in churning out global-best-of-the-breed top class managers. Actually those students (unlike freshers) were ones who had the game-playing-experience prior to joining LIM. So those chappies devised an out-of-the-box mechanism to handle this. What they did was designed and developed indoor-stadiums with those mobile-roofs, so that the demand of the cricket balls never went out of control and thus the supply always met the demand...Perfect equilibrium in the playing arena U see...clever Chappies!! As their Prof used to say...big business problems are tackled through small-smart-ideas!! :)

  • At la-la-la land, also came into my life was a gurl, who again though not very pretty, not very beautiful, not very tall (I must be kidding), was one who had that Charm, that dusky persona and most importantly had that 14567.453 pounds of love and affection in that heart of hers, weighing 216.45 gms! She was cho-chweet as a person, such a motivator as a friend,
    her company helped me remind some very basics which had got in to some unreachable-code kind of territory in my mind. She was a person who had...that Dream-Big vision...that zeal to excel in whatever she was doing...that fervor to do all that she could for the betterment of lives of the people of la-la-la...truly an exceptional person and a dearest friend.
    Sometimes just wonder what would life be without such true friends...Hope I can find such a friend in this world too ;)

Okie there were lot of other njoyable and fun-filled moments which I had @ lalala - but if I pen down all those I could go on to publish a book on that...U'll have to wait till you become a great-grand father/mother of 2 lovely kids before that happens anytime soon :)

With due respect to all my friends out here, am sorry for any Strategic-Circoma of Instestine or any serious-neuron-disorder that this might have caused you...go & get a medical check-up done @ the earliest. Please excuse me, U know I was never like this before ;)

Yeah I agree that the machine gets rusty when not in use for a long please pardon me for this fiasco...hope to come back to my 'Sanely Best' pretty soon...Until then you know whom to blame for all this...yeah yeah, U guys R pretty intelligent I must admit... Kumbhie, Windows XP, My Primary Math Teacher and of course my IIMB-PGSEM classes!! ;)

Btw, where are you Guiness guys? Am waiting for thou here in anticipation!! :)

MS signing off - Lifez Beautiful!!

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Colored Memories....

The festival of color was here once again - bringing along with it and coloring us all - with those myriad shades of joy, fun and happiness!!

And I just realized how time just flew by; It was exactly on the day of this colorful festival 'Holi' last year, that we (a team of about 15~20) had to involuntarily move to Hyderabad from Chennai (my Motherly-home town) for carrying out the implementation of our ongoing project, which had started in Chennai and was going on smoothly till the news came as a bolt from the blue for some of us at least.

And so here I was on the day of color, @ Hyderabad last year. And as I have my maternal aunt's family residing out here in the city, headed straight to her home after checking-in to the hotel. And as it was already late afternoon, did not expect my cousins to be adorning the Laal-Hara-Nila (Red-Green-Blue) stYiSH looks, but that was not to be, as I found myself drenched in a similarly wEt ouTFit in no time once I entered my aunt's residence!! :) And the rest is bright N colorful history!!

Well, thinking about this day, it brings back some nostalgic colored memories of the different phases of my life -

Those kiddish days :), I mean when I was a kid with those chubby cheeks and a gol-matol body, juz nebulously remember how my elder cousins and our family friends would paint me red-blue-green (yellow-pink-black also sometimes) with the 'Gulaal' as we call it in hindi. Those days when we would run around merrily on the terrace of our home, flinging those rainbowish-colors and splashing n spraying water of similar shades on each other. Oh and how can I forget those special entities which have their own gr8 significance on this day...yeah, I am talking about the bAlLooNS. We would fill them up with the colored waters and hurl them on one another and of course on the people going down the street :)

Those teenish days....I mean when I was a bright, energetic boy of about 15~18 years, remember how my school-friends-gang would come, call out, and then shout my name standing outside the house on the road. And my Mommy would say, "Yeh tel laga ke jaa, issey rang jaldi utar jaayega" (Apply this oil on your body, it would ease the color-removal process :)) And as soon as I'd open the main gate, those 'Rang-Birangey bhoots'
(Colored demons) would make me identify as one amongst them in no time. And then we would be out on the streets with look-alike-masses, our caravan going around the different addas (hubs) of our locality and spattering the shades of fun n joy around!! It was like, only if one was dressed very formally and seemed to be going to office, or if one was a student, one could barely think of being spared from the colorful extravaganza. But then remember that one day towards the end of my schooling life, when we had our board exams of +2, when unfortunately one exam was scheduled on the day of Holi, and my my....wasn't that a Rangeen (colorful) exam, many of my friends had to sport the colorful fury on their anatomy, while I somehow luckily managed to escape unscathed with only some minimal damage done...but the 'Mission-Reach-ExamHall-Uncolored' accomplished :)

These youthfully employed days....Of Oh U guys never understand :) Ok in relatively simple terms, I mean these days when I am a smart and handsome guy, and an even smarter professional, life seems to have become a bit monotonous with the Color TV which had all those beautiful shades, turning in to a black and white one nowadays :( Ok its not that bad I guess, but still miss those kiddish and teenish days of enjoying this day of color in its true and vibrant spirit!!

Wish you all a very happy and colorful holi; and a bright and glorious journey of life ahead!! :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

fUN @ wOrK

Yeah U read it right! Itz real fun to take some time off your work N involve yourself in some extra-curricular acts, like the ones most of us used to take part in during our academic life :). And yes so on a fine friday (The cASuALs day) last week there was this event at the office, and we'd been informed about it and the activities involved had been communicated through the mailers from our HR department during the course of the week.

So the fUN activities arranged for us to have gr8 fun while working were....Ok let me instead share the invitation in its entirety itself with you guys, and it looked something like this.....

"Let’s make this Friday a FluOrEsCenT FridAY
Let’s see how we plan do it????????

1st Funway
Get spotted in FluOrEsCenT dresses (BUNTY & BUBLi ISSHTYLE) on Friday


2nd Funway
Get into a team…. (Project-wise/Random group- Max 5 people)
>Design a colorful poster……….. (Cartoons/Portraits/Collage)
> Display it around your funstation (read workstation)…..
> Poster Theme: “What’s your idea of FUN@@@@@@@work?”

Deadline: Posters should be displayed in/around your funstations
Please send your nominations to:
ABC Location – Manish Soni(MS)
DEF Center – Ms.XYZ

Wait for the judges……
· The Best Poster entry
· The Best Dressed Associate (Male & Female)

Have a fun filled week………… see you on Friday"

And yep as our dear HR sits at some other location, I was made the volunteer from our work location, to make this event a real fun-filled one for everyone of us.

And here I was as a result of it, going about addressing all the various project teams around, a day before the event, encouraging and reminding them off the events the next day, and man that itself was real fun for me. ha ha ha.... U ask how was it? Well, Its always known that the gurlz are all enthu N charged up when asked to dress up elegantly in a la bollywood actress isstyle, but imagine yourself convincing guys around to dress up in a bright yellow/orange or any of that flourescent colored tees/shirts to office - a la Mithun-The Disco Dancer- Isstyle :). That was as difficult as convincing a Salman Khan to wear a tee/shirt for the full length of the movie :D

So on the D day, it was complete fun, as people came in bright Jhink-Chack chamkeeley kinda clothes to the office, and also as we put our 'Think-Fun' cap on during the process of the designing a poster, in whatever short time we could take off from the project schedule.

It was an enjoyable xperience as we grouped into a team, for a change nothing to do related to the project, and with the thought process on, the fun ideas pouring in, we came up with a couple of posters in a short time and they looked something like these..... (Click on them to c the pics in their full enlarged view)

A poor chap developer learning all the soFTwAre funDas, the hard way, from his project lead and then going about implementing them in his own sTyLe @ his work desk :) with Great Control!!

The hard but true fact of a software professional's life depicted - funnily & comically :-)

And guess what, the writings you see on these posters have been inscribed by none other than yours truly. Woila.....I'd almost forgotten the so called art of 'Hand-Writing' - as Osama Bin Laden would have forgotten what Peace means!! - after joining this software industry a couple of years back, with all my writings..err..typings mostly only on the keyboard!!

And for the icing on the cake, our above entries to the contest won the best Poster award :D and so got a cool gift for our HARD but fUN work :)

And as the mood of fUn was on in the week, I thought Y not share some moments of fuN with the "fuN-Orginator" herself. Ok I mean our HR executive. She's one chirpy n bubbly lady, N our dear friend if you are reading this by any chance, the probability of which is less than Taiwan winning the Cricket World Cup, consider this as my humble request to put this conversation of ours, out here...... :)

Me to her:

Hi VBJi,

Please find the pics of the posters taken by us with a DigiCam, attached herewith.

Aur haan, ek reminder ki – “Sardaar hamey hamaare aur 2 gifts milney baaki hai.” :) Ab D bhi aa gaya hai N he is also asking for his gift; Khair usey toh hum sambhaal lengey, So this is a humble request to you that you please please do bring along our 2 gifts next time U grace this place.

Till then, Have a nice day n a gr8 week ahead!! :D

Her reply:

Hello there..

Ye kya kar diya mere naam ko..
Tum engineers ki yehi problem hai har cheeez ko short form technical sounding bana dete ho... my name is not VB (Visual Basic).. ok...

I was't well.. yeah was down with fever again so bunked office yest...
Be assured, will be getting more prizes for 2 of you (whoever are left) but not for D... he was't even there.. how dare he ask for one..
but will need some time for it.. I dont think I would be able to come this week to ABC location.. lets see...

My response to that:

Hi VBJi!! (Hum toh bhai jasie hain waise rahenge :), ab humein aapko aise hi bulana acchha lagta hai, kya karen!!)

Waise kasam Preity zinta ke dimples ki, aapka yeh naam humein bahut acchaa lagta hai, please humein aise hi address karne dijiye aapko, please…
Arey appraisal aur bonus ko chodkar, pehli baar kuch toh alag maang rahein hain apni HR se; kam se kam itna toh afford kar hi saktey hain aap (Yeh toh budget mein aata hai na!!...lolz…)

Oh that was bad 2 hear that U were down with fever yesterday; hope you are doing well now. Wish U a healthy recovery as speedy as a Brett Lee’s fastest delivery :)

Waise hum toh soch rahey they ki yeh HR log bade hi dIfFeRent hotey hain yaar……kabhi desk peh hotey hi nahin hain……And as if that was not enough, they also put up an out of office reminder to evade hum jaisi bechaari Junta :D

And thanks for assuring our prizes - aapko ek 25 paise waali toffee zarur doonga mein, aapke is nek dil gesture ke liye :D

Awaiting your arrival eagerly. (Woila, kaafi lamba chauda mail ho gaya, ab humein kaam karney dijiye)

Till then, take care N Bbye 4 now.

So then, that was quite a fun filled week for me and I truly enjoyed every moment of it. And as I wrote out there it was all "Juz 4 fUN, Nothing Official about it :)".

And talking about fun, well there are these 2 guyz Arz000n & Abhinav whom I've come across on the blogosphere, and whom I'll crown the stand-up Fun N Laughter Kings when it comes to making people laugh, have fun and Njoy their writings. Hats off to these guyz!!

So herez MS signing off once again, wishing U have fun filled weeks, week-ends and more importantly a fun filled Life to live in the years to come. Cheers!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mohe Rang Dia Basanti.......

Finally, I've seen it!! And it did not disappoint me in anyway.... Here was a project which would've been the actors' dream N now wud be a part of their cherishable memories 4 ever, here was a project where the music-director struck together the melodious chords of Patriotic zeal and fervour, N more importantly here was a project where the director tried to ignite that hidden burning passion in the youth of today to do something worthy for our motherland. And I must say they've all come out with flying colors N succeeded in coloring these vibrant souls - the Youth of today - with this special color "Basanti".

Yeah, after having already read a lot of reviews about it in the media, and right here in the blogging fraternity from many of my friends, I finally, finally managed to see Rang De Basanti(RDB) this week, and it was nothing but juz a perfect film. Well, most of the people out there would have already seen the movie, may be twice, thrice or even more than that :) , and for those who are yet to see this wonderful film, do not devoid yourself of such a beautiful movie - Go N watch it!!

I'd heard some critics say that Aamir had juz become too old & was past his prime for such a role, but I'd beg to differ. In fact, being such a versatile actor that he is, Aamir has in fact still managed to lend that youthful touch to the role, and served as the pivot for the movie, inspiring n motivating all along the way!!

The lyrics of Prasoon Joshi and the music of AR Rehman, have juz mesmerised us to say the least. Well to me personally Javed Akhtar has been the best lyricist for a long time now. And here Prasoon Joshi has been able to strike the chord with the Youth. Some of these lyrics by him have juz made a home in our hearts.....and I juz cannot stop humming them....

  • Be it these lines from the song 'Rubaroo', where a sense of satisfaction, the spirit of freedom, friendship and love comes to the fore......

"Dhuaan chhataa khula gagan mera
nayi dagar naya safar mera
jo ban sake tu hamsafar mera
nazar mila zara....."

  • Or be it these lines where he has so touchingly brought out that motherly love n her sense of longing after the separation from her son....

"Luka Chuppi bahut huyi saamne aa ja naa
Kahan kahan dhoondha tujhe thak gayi hai ab teri maa
Aaja saanjh hui mujhe teri fikar
Dhundhla gayi dekh meri nazar..aa ja na...."

  • Or be it these lines where he describes that process of generating the true fervour and patriotic zeal of that special color........

"Thodisi dhuul meri dharti ki mere watan ki
thodisi khushbuu baurai si mast pavan ki
thodisi dhondhane waali dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhak-dhak saansein
jinmein ho junoon junoon woh boonde laal lahuu ki
yeh sab tu mila mila le phir rang tu khila khila le
aur mohe tu rang de basanti yaara
mohe tu rang de basanti"

The team of RDB has really made an impact, a srong one for that matter of fact, on the hearts, and minds and souls of the youth. Another noteworthy initiative, which came in to light recently, of a group of IITians, drawing inspiration from Yuva and forming a political party Paritrana, is also commendable in this regard.

It has truly made me say this - "Mohe Rang Dia Basanti...." and I would like to see that - Jo Rang chadha hai aaj (The color the movie has painted on our hearts and souls today) - shows its true vibrant spirit in a Bright N Shining nation for the generations to come.....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Special Valentine

It was a special day, a special day in all of our lives, the lives of the modern civilized urban youth. Yeah we celebrate this day every year and it holds a varied significance to diverse souls around. So it was yet another 14th Feb, but this year was a little different, as it provided me a chance to be a Valentine, a special Valentine for those underprivileged kids, who were toiling under the sun while we were enjoying all the modern comforts, who had to be content with one meal per day n sometimes even without it, while we had the pleasures of all the exquisite cuisines, who had nothing but those ragged clothes to cover their bodies while we were decked up in the branded apparels n costumes, who had nothing but dust, sand and stones around them while we were exchanging roses, gifts n other goodies on the V-Day.

So it was an occasion to do something little from our end for these unfortunate children - whose little hands which are today carrying the burdens and loads of rags, when actually those tender hands should be carrying the wisdom of knowledge by virtue of books - so that these minds n souls can also script the future of a bright n prosperous nation.

On this occasion of the Valentine's day, the social arm of our organization conducted this beautiful program, an operation called "Mission Rescue Street Child" in collaboration with an NGO which is operating at major railway stations in India; their efforts directed towards the goal to rescue the runaway and lost children at railway platforms, counsel them for home placements or in shelter care and also conduct de-addiction camps.

Towards this initiative, the foundation put up stalls in our cafeteria during the V-day, to spread this message and in course provided an opportunity to all the associates(employees) to be a Special Valentine for such deprived street children. We had the option to gift roses and chocolates to these kids. Games were organized where in the gifts n chocolates won could be donated to the kitty of the foundation for these kids. And in the course of these events n games, the revenue generated would be utilized towards noble cause of betterment and upliftment of the lives of these young kids by providing them education.

And I had the opportunity to volunteer for this great cause to bring a smile on these kids' faces; it really made my day. And I am sure we all would love the internal satisfaction that we get when we feel that though we could not do everything worthy on our own, by involving in such an endeavor, we've done at least something, though trivial, from our end to help resurrect a young bud which could blossom in to a lovely n beautiful flower and grace humankind tomorrow.
All in all, another page of this book(mY LiFE), made worthy, purposeful n cherishable down the memory lane, by this opportunity to be 'A Special Valentine'.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tera Intezaar Hai.........

Long time.....had to write on this, after being tagged by Ganga (long time back though :-)), and luckily what better time to write on this topic than now, with the V-Day juz round the corner......

Well as for the rules, everyone on this Planet-O-Blog is quite aware of them by now; but wud still like to put them down 4 those who are new to our world :D .....

The rules:
1) The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points about their perfect lover.
2) Need to mention the sex of the target.
3) Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4) If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Note: The rule 3 is no more applicable :), as almost everybody on this planet would have been tagged by one or the other. Hey, but if you find any new kid on the block, U can do this favour to him/her :D or he/she can do this favour to him/her self too :P

So here I start with the recipe of my perfect lover :) and I'll sprinkle the spice of Music with the basic ingredients. Arey...jab is tarah ke topic pe baat hoti hai to dil ki dhadkanen apney geet gungunaaye bina nahin reh sakti hai na bhai!! (Afterall, when such a topic is being discussed, the heart beats sing along their strings of melodies, right!!) :D

Target: Female

1) She'll be the girl of my dreamz, the girl whom my heart describes as one who'll be - like a blossoming rose, like a Poet's dream, like a Bright morning's ray, like a beautiful deer, like a bright moon-lit night n much much more....well you hear it my heart would sing along......
" Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Jaise Khilta Gulab
Jaise Shayar ka Khwab
Jaise Ujali Kiran
Jaise Bun Mein Hiran
Jaise Chandani Raat
Jaise Narmi Ki Baat
Jaise Mandir Mein Ho
Ek Jalta Diya......"

here to listen to this song.

2) She'll be the one who'll be cRAzY abt me & who'll secretly .... ssshhhh .... admire me (usually everyone around admires me :D) with her adaayein :) .... N my heart would sing along ......
" Mujhe tum chupke chhupke jab aise dekhti ho
Achchi lagti ho..
Kabhi zulfoN se kabhi aaNchal se jab khelti ho
Achchhi lagti ho...."

here to listen to this song.

3) And to reciprocate she'll be the one who'll make me go mad over her, with that Googly-Woogly face :) making a home of its own in my eyes and those sweet memories of her inhabiting my heart, mind n soul.....N my heart would sing along......
" Aankhon mein tera hi chehra,
Dhadkan mein teri hi yaadein
Karti hain deewana...."

here to listen to this song.

4) She'll be one who would be the Queen of my heart, the Ruler of my thoughts, the Empress of my dreamz, but this empire of my heart would vacillate N would hence need some time n courage :) to confess in front of the princess :) but my heart would sing along to itself......
" Mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai
Yeh pyaar toh tumse karta hai
Par saamne jab tum aate ho
kuch bhi kehne se darta hai..
O mere saajan, O mere saajan.."

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5) But then she'll be the only one who'll make me go to the limits of my Poetic n Romantic andaaz :) to propose to a la King khan-SRK isstyle :) N my heart would sing along......
" Tumne naa jaana ki main deewana
Lekar aaya hoon Dil kaa nazraana
Mere dil ki hai jo daastaan..
Suna no suno na, sun lo naa..
Humsafar mujhii ko chun lo naa..
Suno na suno na sun lo na...."

here to listen to this song.

6) She'll be the one who'll completely understand me n my feelings, stand by me whenever I want her support n want her besides me but if there are occasions when she is upset or saddened by me, I'll b there to bring that pretty smile back...yeah on her lovely Googly-Woogly face :)....N my heart would sing along......
" Rooth Na Jana Tum Se Kahoon To
Mein in Aankhon Mein Jo Rahoon To
Tum Yeh Jano Ya Na Jano
Tum Yeh Mano Ya Na Mano
Mere Jaisa Diwana Tum Paoge Nahin
Yaad Karo Ge Mein Jo Na Hoon To
Rooth Na Jana Tum Se Kahoon To.."

here to listen to this song.

7) And then she'll be the one who'll walk in to my life one fine day n adorn the annals of this book of my life N become my partner in this beautiful journey of time called 'LiFE' ........N yes ofcourse you guessed it heart would sing along......
" Ek Din Aap Yoon Humko Mil Jayenge
Phool Hi Phool Raahon Mein Khil Jayenge
Maine Socha Na Tha.."

here to listen to this song.

8) And finally she'll be the one who'll be comfortable sharing silence with me, as sometimes smiles hold more meaning than words..right? and I'll always be there to hold her hands forever and we'll walk through this path of LiFE........N from then 'Our hearts' would sing along......
" Tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kaheen..
Jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin..
Tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kaheen..
Jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin...."

here to listen to this song.

N so that was my 'Mr.Heart' singing out........ N calling out in search of his 'Ms.Sweet-Heart'. Hey, I know this was a very Shaayristic approach of describing the qualities of my perfect lover, but then this was what my heart wanted to sing out N then as we all know "Is Dil ke aage kisika zor naa chaley.." :)
And then as I said friends, when we walk the talk or think on a topic of this kind, our friend Mr.heart refuses to leave itself n itz melody beats back!! Hope you liked this post, which I've tried to compose in a fashion unique to my dear blog-pal ManishJi.

So herez MS signing off once again, this time in search of.... & waiting for my Ms.Perfect........N one final time my heart singing along..... :)
" Mujhe raat din, ab tera intezaar hai
Bataoon tujhe, kis tarah, kitna pyar hai
Tera intezaar hai, mujhe tujhse pyar hai
Mujhe tujhse pyar hai, tera intezaar hai..."

here to listen to this song.

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